Our Staff

We are staffed by four Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioners. Our interprofessional team includes nurses, a social worker, a dietitian, a pharmacist, and consulting physicians (visiting the clinic weekly). We have an administrative support team that includes an Administrative Lead and Administrative Support staff.  Our team works together to meet your health care needs and goals.

What is a Nurse Practitioner (NP)?

Nurse Practitioners are nurses that have additional education and licensing to provide primary health care to individuals and families.  They can do complete physical examinations, order diagnostic tests like ultrasounds, X-rays or mammograms, order blood work to screen for illness or disease, diagnose illness and disease and prescribe medications.

When care is beyond the Nurse Practitioner’s scope to manage, a physician is consulted.  If necessary, you will be seen by both the NP and the visiting physician. For more information about Nurse Practitioners visit http://www.npao.org

Who can see a Nurse Practitioner?

Any person of any age who needs health care that does not have a primary health care provider or anyone that chooses to have a Nurse Practitioner as their primary care provider can see an NP.

Huronia Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic

3331 Line 4 North, Oro-Medonte, ON L0L 2L0

(705) 835-7545